Statement by Dr. Kalumbin Shangula, Minister of Health and Social Service, on the occasion of the First Consignment of the Covid-19 Vaccine

16 March 2021

1. Exactly one month ago, on the 16 February 2021, I delivered a Ministerial Statement in the National Assembly on the state of COVID-19 in our country. In that statement, I recounted the long and arduous road our country has traversed since the announcement of the positive COVID-19 index case on the 13 March 2020, the Covid-19 vaccination programme and the status of clinical and pharmaceuticals supplies in Namibia. The COVID-19 preparedness and response has been one of the most extraordinary programmes ever implementd by Government since independence, in terms of its scale, depth and reach. We have proven that when we stand togehter and pull in the same direction, we can overcome any impediment, no matter how fomidable it may be or appear to be. The task is made easier when we have the support and solidarity of our friends in fighting a common enemy. COVID-19 has affected all parts of the world to differing degrees of severity. However, the common denominator is that we are all affected.

2. In the midst of all the challenges, we are here today to witness and to celebrate an historic milestone in this epic battle against the Corona Virus pandemic. The development of vaccines has been hailed globally as one of the strongest weapons in the fight against the pandemic. (...)

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