Application For Emergency Travel Certificate

Emergency Travel Certificates are issued only to people who lost their Namibian passports and need to return to Namibia urgently. Please note that the Emergency Travel Document will only allow you to return to Namibia and not return to another country. 
What documents do I need when applying for the issuance of Emergency Travel Certificate?

Original documents must be submitted together with passport application form, which can only be obtained at the Embassy

1. Namibian Birth Certificate or (Citizenship Certificate-persons born outside Namibia)
2. Two biometric passport photos 
(white background, shoulders square to camera, both ears visible, no visible shadow, no head gear, no uniform, no smile, no eyeglasses, no earrings for men, no eyebrow/chin/ nose rings for all applicants, requirements as per International Standards), with your name written on the back of the photo
3. Copy of ID-card or proof of ID-card (16 years and above)
4. Marriage Certificate (married women only)
5. Parents Documents e.g. Birth or Citizenship Certificates or ID(applicants under the age of
6. Fees: € 30.00
7. Applicants signature (14 years old and above)

No cash payments are accepted. Please deposit and attach or send proof of payment to   Please put Name and Surname as reference

Account Details

Embassy of the Republic of Namibia

Commerzbank Berlin

IBAN: DE82 1004 0000 0262 5754 00