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Pohamba’s last State of Nation: … On his retirement, education, corruption and BIG

New Era, 28/03/2014 HE President Pohamba

WINDHOEK – “This time next year you will have someone new in State House. Guess who? God knows, that is all I am saying,” President Hifikepunye Pohamba said lightly off the cuff during yesterday’s State of the Nation Address minutes before the traditional question and answer session with opposition Members of Parliament, some of whom asked about his retirement plans after his presidency ends in March next year.   “From the presidency I will do politics, mobilising my party, to ensure that the electorate keep voting for my party. I think with the administrative knowledge I acquired as president, I will do well to convince people. In addition, I will assist at the village to cultivate the land,” Pohamba said cheerfully.

He was nevertheless outspoken on the government’s stance on the Basic Income Grant (BIG), in response to a question posed by All People Party’s president Ignatius Shixwameni.

“To me it does not make sense to dish out money to people for doing nothing. To dish out money to people organised to do something, people who are working, that is better. It is not good to encourage people not to work. People must work,” Pohamba said giving an example of clearing land for cultivation as one of the types of work that could be performed in exchange for money.

Responding to questions on education by the president of the Congress of Democrats, Ben Ulenga, Pohamba said: “I am disappointed in education. You pump in money but the outcome is not impressive. The rate of failure is something that disappoints me, not only me, but parents. I think it is our teachers who are either reluctant to teach or are not qualified.” He also chastised MPs for not taking the lead in assisting the education ministry to find solutions to the problem.

Addressing the question of corruption, which Ulenga described as an issue that Pohamba spoke strongly about when he entered the presidency but with seemingly less presidential action, Pohamba reminded MPs that it is “not for me as president to investigate corruption, or do you want me to go from house to house investigating corruption?” Pohamba nevertheless revealed that he is dissatisfied with how the society seems to condone corruption. POhamba.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Yyat635bRc

“I am not happy because I too suspect corruption is here with us. All we have to do is report it to the institutions set up to deal with corruption,” he said, adding that prolonged investigations drain state resources as suspended individuals continue to draw salaries while under investigation that takes years. “Investigations go on for years and nothing comes up. It is discouraging and your president is not happy with that.”

Pohamba, answering the question on urban land being expensive from Clara Gowases of Republican Party, said: “I agree with you land is expensive. Certain councils have been asked to reduce the prices, they are part of the government yet they charge so much. You say we are number four in the world for expensive land, the world is so large and we are number four. I am so disappointed that we are number four.” Gowases had referred to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index 2012 report that ranked Namibia behind Brazil, Dubai and Hong Kong at number one.

By Desie Heita

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"Von der Unmöglichkeit, über Afrika zu sprechen" 

170px-Koehlerhorst08032007Rede von Bundespräsident a.D. Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler, anlässlich der Afrika-Tage des Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, 18. März 2014 in Berlin

"Zum historischen Bewußtsein gehört die Erinnnerung an den Völkermord an den Hereros, der 1904, also genau vor 110 Jahren, durch den 'Vernichtungsbefehl' des preußischen Offiziers Lothar von Trotha begann." Weiterlesen...

"On the impossibility of speaking of Africa"

Speech by former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Professor Horst Köhler, on the occasion of the Africa Days of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 18 March 2013, Berlin

"Awareness of history means remembering the genocide against the Herero peoples. unleashed in 1904 - exactly 110 years ago - on the orders of the Prussian officer Lothar von Trotha."  Read more...

Namibia making progress in Renewable Energy Sources

28 October 2013

Namibia making progress in Renewable Energy Sources
The 8th Wind Energy and Development Dialogue took place in Berlin, Germany last week and was centred around how wind energy projects can aid employment and economic development in new markets without increasing project costs. Dr. Mekondjo Kaapanda Girnus, Commercial Councilor at the Republic of Namibia Embassy in Berlin, Germany says Namibia has made some progress and has put in place a regulatory policy framework to encourage investment in wind and other renewable energy sources. LISTEN TO MULEWA SHAPI INTERVIEW WITH DR. MEKONDJO KAAPANDA GIRNUS ON : Wind Energy part 1Wind Energy part 2

Important Announcement / Wichtige Mitteilung

Changes in the Payment Procedures of Visa and Passport Application Fees / Änderung bei der Zahlung von Visa- und Passanträgen

The Namibian Embassy hereby announces that with effect of 01 May 2013, payments for visa and passport application fees will only be accepted by electronic or direct deposits into the bank account of the Namibian Embassy
Receipts will be issued as soon as the amount appears on our bank account. (Bank account details see below).

Die Botschaft gibt hiermit bekannt, dass mit Wirkung vom 1. Mai 2013 die Bezahlung von Gebühren für Visa- und Passanträge nur noch per Überweisung auf das Konto der Botschaft möglich ist.

Zahlungsbelege werden ausgestellt, sobald die Summe auf unserem Bankkonto eingeht.

Bank Account Details / Die Bankverbindung lautet:

Botschaft der Republik Namibia
Commerzbank Berlin
Bankleitzahl: 10040000
Konto-Nr.: 266070200
IBAN: DE 45 1004 0000 0266 0702 00

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