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President Dr Hage Geingob delivers State of the Nation Address, Tuesday, 21 April 2015

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(...) I would like to commence my address, by extending my warmest congratulations to you, Honorable Katjavivi, on your election as Speaker of our sixth Parliament. Let me also use this opportunity to thank our foremost diplomat and former Speaker, Dr. Theo Ben Gurirab, who has acquitted himself exceptionally well in all the roles assigned to him. Equally, allow me to mention the former Prime Minister, Honourable Nahas Angula, who has left Parliament after helping to draft the constitution and serving Parliament since Namibia‟s independence. In the same vein, I bid farewell to the former Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Marco Hausiku and Honourable Katutiire Kaura, two founding Parliamentarians who have retired from this august house.

I am pleased to note that the State of the Nation Address is coinciding with the 1st session of the sixth Parliament. I would also like to extend a warm word of congratulations to the newly elected members of Parliament, especially first time Parliamentarians. It is gratifying to note that this Parliament is the most diverse since Independence. The number of first time MPs is 49% percent. We look forward to fresh perspectives and robust debate.  Click here to read the full address

For easy reference, please click on the below titel to access Namibia's Industrial Policy and the Growth at Home Strategy, referred to in the President's speech.

Hage Geingob
Dr. Hage Geingob, April 10


Article 1(1) of the Namibian Constitution establishes this dear Republic of ours as a sovereign, secular, democratic and unitary State, with the President of the Republic as Head of State, and the executive powers of the State vest with the President and Cabinet. Read more...


Am 25. März 2015 feierte die Botschaft in Berlin
25 Jahre Unabhängigkeit der Republik Namibia


Fotos lk-re: Frau & Herr Sitwala Mapenzi, Chargé d'Affaires a.i.; Herr Mapenzi, Frau Fiina Elago, Konsularattaché Botschaft Namibia, Vertreterin Outapi Town Council; Herr Matthias Veltin, Leiter Ref. Afrikanische Union & südliches Afrika im Auswärtigen Amt; Herr Mapenzi, MinDir Botschafter Dieter Haller, Leiter der Abt. Wirtschaft & Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Auswärtigen Amt, Herr Joe Ashipala, 1. Sekretär Botschaft Namibia; Herr Mapenzi, re. Frau Maggie Nangolo, 3. Sekretär, Botschaft Namibia & Gast; Herr Mapenzi & Botschafter Harald Ganns, 1. deutscher Botschafter in Namibia 1990-1993













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"Von der Unmöglichkeit, über Afrika zu sprechen" 

170px-Koehlerhorst08032007Rede von Bundespräsident a.D. Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler, anlässlich der Afrika-Tage des Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, 18. März 2014 in Berlin

"Zum historischen Bewußtsein gehört die Erinnnerung an den Völkermord an den Hereros, der 1904, also genau vor 110 Jahren, durch den 'Vernichtungsbefehl' des preußischen Offiziers Lothar von Trotha begann." Weiterlesen...

"On the impossibility of speaking of Africa"

Speech by former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Professor Horst Köhler, on the occasion of the Africa Days of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, 18 March 2013, Berlin

"Awareness of history means remembering the genocide against the Herero peoples. unleashed in 1904 - exactly 110 years ago - on the orders of the Prussian officer Lothar von Trotha."  Read more...

Important Announcement / Wichtige Mitteilung

Changes in the Payment Procedures of Visa and Passport Application Fees / Änderung bei der Zahlung von Visa- und Passanträgen

The Namibian Embassy reminds its clients that since 01 May 2013, payments for visa and passport application fees are accepted by electronic or direct deposits into the bank account of the Namibian Embassy ONLY. (Bank account details see below).
Receipts will be issued as soon as the amount appears on our bank account.
As from 01 October 2014, the Embassy will reserve the right to return by post to the sender all cash payments made to us. Please note, that the Embassy will  not assume any responsibility for possible loss of cash by the postal service.

Die Botschaft erinnert daran, dass seit dem 1. Mai 2013 die Bezahlung von Gebühren für Visa- und Passanträge NUR noch per Überweisung auf das Konto der Botschaft möglich ist.

Zahlungsbelege werden ausgestellt, sobald die Summe auf unserem Bankkonto eingeht.

Ab 01. Oktober 2014 behält sich die Botschaft vor, alle Barzahlungen, die bei uns eingehen, auf postalischem Weg zum Absender zurückzuschicken. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass wir für den eventuellen Verlust des Bargeldes durch die Post keinerlei Verantwortung übernehmen.

Bank Account Details / Die Bankverbindung lautet:

Botschaft der Republik Namibia
Commerzbank Berlin
Bankleitzahl: 10040000
Konto-Nr.: 266070200
IBAN: DE 45 1004 0000 0266 0702 00

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